Polypropylene FDY Spinning Machine
Polypropylene FDY Spinning Machine
Polypropylene FDY Spinning Machine

Polypropylene FDY Spinning Machine Polypropylene FDY Spinning Machine

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Product Description


This machine is suitable for either direct or chip spinning to produce PP FDY. Main product is 55~110D, 83~167D,167~330D, compared with traditional 8 ends/pos. production line, capacity can increase 50%~250%, and with low cost and energy consumption.
1. The extruder for chips spinning introduce LTM compenent.
2. Bottom-mounted spin pack&spinneret,new type energy-saving spin beam with large gauge from 850-1500mm and manifold pipe with high efficient static mixer.
3. Unique spinneret partition,one spinneret with single or double chanbers,which could convert 8 ends into 16 ends,12 into 24 ends.
4. Special planetary metering pumps and individual drive for finish pump.
5. Vertically top-mounted pump drive,dismountable drive shaft and individual stop control.
6. GR is equipped with electric induction heating device,uniform temperature in surface of godet, and less energy consumed.
7. Automatic winder facilities high successful switching rate,less waste and well developed package,max number of package up to 24 ends/pos.
Technical data:

Dpf1.0 - 4.0D
Winding speed3500-5500 m/min
End per position8,10,12,16,20,24
Dia of spinneretØ75 - Ø110 mm
Spin packBottom-mounted cylinder type,
rectangular or twin body type
Quenchingcross blowing,circular blowing
GRØ220 mm
SRØ110 mm
Oilingoil nozzle or kiss roller
WinderAutomatic winder

Company info:

  TITA is a professional chemical fiber engineering company focusing on scientific research, technology innovation, chemical fiber yarn machinery manufacturing and contracting, we are specialized in improving the production processes of civil and industrial filaments of polyester, nylon, polypropylene, etc, civil staple, bi-component composite micro yarns in shapes of fragment, sea-island, sheath-core and side-by-side, and spun non-woven, as well as in developing new products and software, equipment design and manufacturing building planning and turn-key projects, etc. 
  We are committed to providing customers with our best quality machinery and services, and constantly to innovating and improving them to meet the increasing requirements and trends in the future, also we seek worldwide cooperation in hope making more outstanding success in the filed of chemical fiber machinery.

Major business: 
1) Engineering design and turn-key project for POY and FDY by PET, PA6, PP, etc. 
2) Spinning machines for industrial yarn, bi-component composite yarn and melt spandex yarn
3) Mother yarn splitting, Monofilament machines
4) BCF machine
5) Compact pilot spinning machine
6) Conversion for existing lines, modification for winders and spare parts supply, etc.

Our services:

Before-sales service:    

1. We will provide machine specifications based on your requirement.    

2. You are warmly welcome to visit our factory.    

After-sales service:    

1. Our technical team will support you with installation, testing, adjustment and training.    

2. We guarantee machine quality for one year. During this year, if spare parts of the machine we damaged,we can send the components to you.    

3. If you have any question about operation when using our machine, we will support you within 24 hours.  


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