What are the characteristics of polypropylene spinning machine?

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The equipment is used for spinning polypropylene fiber FDY silk, which is mainly used for making bags, webbing, furniture cloth, decorative curtain, rope, packaging cloth, sewing thread, carpet bottom cloth, net and so on.

Polypropylene all-in-one machine: module installation, for users without spinning floor. The all-in-one machine can produce both general and high strength FDY silk.

Polypropylene fiber spinning machine: This equipment is mainly used for the production of 100D ~ 1800D, fine, medium, coarse denier medium strength polypropylene fiber FDY drafting filament. Filament uses: office furniture cloth, car decoration, luggage fabric, ribbon, rope, rope net, etc.

Polypropylene FDY production line features: 1, low energy consumption. 2, stable operation of the equipment, high yield, spinning process speed can reach 2800m/min. 3, simple operation, convenient, hot roll temperature uniform, coil long service life.

Main characteristics of polypropylene fiber spinning machine

1. Screw lengthening type, frequency conversion and pressure regulation instrument for imported brands

2. A new type of high efficiency and energy saving spinning box is adopted, which is more energy saving than the ordinary spinning box.

3. The upper - mounted components are used to facilitate the operation of the spinner.

4. Side blowing system, wind speed is uniform and stable, fiber strip dry well.

5. Polypropylene fiber spinning machine adopts induction or high frequency heating draft roll to reduce energy consumption.

6. A variety of combinations of multistage drafting and thermal setting can meet the requirements of different properties of polypropylene fiber retractor.

7. Polypropylene fiber spinning machine using automatic winding head, switching success rate is high, low waste silk rate, good forming.

8. Temperature control instrument and frequency converter are imported brands.

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